We love berries (who doesn’t), and have been working for three years to increase our fruit production. We inherited a badly neglected orchard when we got the land and have been working to restore those trees which were too good to lose.. They include Gravenstein and Macintosh apple trees. We have since planted crabapples, cherries, quince, Bosc, Anjou, and Comice pears, Bramley's seedling and Cox's Orange Pippen apples, and have rooted "sports" from one of the finest old plum trees around. We sell apples and plums at the markets in season.

We have 800 row feet of Tayberries established and tied to stainless cables. If you taste them there is a good chance they will become your favorite berry of all. Bred in Scotland from raspberry and blackberry ancestors, they have a new and rich flavour similar but magically different from either or both of its genetic providers.


We also grow raspberries - red and golden and should have some for sale at the markets this summer.